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Tradelink Direct: The UK’s Lean Manufacturer of Windows and Doors


At Tradelink, it’s important for us to maintain our world-class manufacturer status by incorporating world-class processes into our way of work. We offer our customers so many options, with our extensive product range and our ‘extra mile’ service that we have put into place processes to ensure our world-class manufacturing delivers the exact product you need, exactly when you need it. Lean manufacturing is central to delivering this level of service.

Our team recently completed lean manufacturing training

Lots of companies only claim to implement lean manufacturing, but at Tradelink we’re dedicated to incorporating it into our thorough and extensive service, so that we can always deliver for customers. To develop on our lean manufacturing skillset, 47 members of the Tradelink team have recently undergone Business Improvement EAL training in the renowned method. We believe in investing in our team to make sure that our core values and way of work is always present in everything that we do, and it’s a great way to hone in on the passion for the industry that our team has.

What is lean manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing is a method of working that has been designed to improve housekeeping, standardise processes, increase efficiency and make work run smoothly. There are 6 ‘S’s or steps to lean manufacturing processes. They are Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardise, Sustain and Safety.

How it works at Tradelink

Everything in the factory that’s needed for our fabrication processes is sorted out and has its own place, so it’s quick and easy to find. We also make sure that each of our fabricator’s workstations are stocked with all the hardware they will need for the next job, so we waste no time. This process only works when all of the team are on-board and understand how important each step is. Keeping our factory clean and tidy ensures that our window fabricating facility is at its best with no damages. This means a better service for customers and there are fewer risks to products during the manufacturing process. By standardising these processes we create a consistent, lean manufacturing workflow, so that jobs move through the factory without any hiccups and we can deliver them to you, fast. Through all this we maintain our high standards of health and safety, to keep all of our team safe at all times. Lean manufacturing is all about setting up our working environment so that we can manufacture our premium range of aluminium and PVCu windows and doors to our high standards, really quickly. Investing in training for our staff means that they not only understand the process, but they also understand the ‘why’ behind the method. In turn, we are confident that everyone in the factory understands their job and their responsibilities and everything keeps running smoothly.

How lean manufacturing helps us to help you

The 6 ‘S’s of lean manufacturing means that we have the processes in place to ensure that everything we need to manufacture our extensive range of windows and doors is there when we need it. This means that we can send out products out on time, every time, and also ensures that we are prepared for any hiccups that may occur, as we expect the unexpected and have contingency plans for almost everything. The clear process of lean manufacturing means we have enough time to incorporate our thorough checking process into order we send out. We never let any of our products out of the door without our double and triple checks to make sure you get a perfect and pristine end result without any mishaps.

You can rely on us no matter what happens

Our lean manufacturing way of working means that you can rely on us, no matter what. We’re always prepared to give you products in the best quality, when you need them, so that you can please your customers with ease and no stress. Get in touch with our passionate team of manufacturing experts to find out more about how our way of work can help you by calling 01354 657650, or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We have 4 Window Centers across the UK, in Mildenhall, Rotherham, Stoke-on-Trent and Welwyn. 

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